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Hire me to Speak

If you are looking for a high energy, inspiring speaker who leaves your audience galvanized and with practical next steps, look no further.

I have presentations that can be tailored toward different audiences - from college students to seasoned executives. I also enjoy personalizing each presentation to accommodate your specific needs!


Past Clients & Partners
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What People are Saying:

"Kuda Biza brings a creativity and commitment that is rare in business and communication.  Kuda inspires audience members to see possibility and focus on impact."

- Sam Vaghar, Executive Director, Millennium Campus Network (MCN)

“Kuda was fantastic to have as a part of the Global Hope Summit. His talk showed how everyone could use enterprise to support on-the-ground change across the world using his real life experiences and examples in business to show how to do it."

- Tim Wolf, Founder, Global Hope Summit

“Kuda’s talk was energetic, fun, and inspiring to all of our viewers. He was a pleasure to work with, and he truly is a passionate speaker!”

- Manya Gupta, TEDxYouth@Berwyn

"As a guest on the Starting A Business webinar series hosted by Entrepreneur, he had the tough challenge of communicating some complex ideas, and he did so with aplomb -

keeping our attendees engaged and excited about the prospect of learning from him.

Happy to have him back anytime."

- Gabe Zichermann, Host of Starting A Business Webinar Series by Entrepreneur

Kuda in Action

TEDx: Growth Only Comes Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Springfield College: Keynote to Student-Athletes

Speech Recap: Small Giants Summit 2022

Babson College: Global Entrepreneurship Week

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